Policy steps are separated to ease for our customers.

  1. Privacy
    1. Protecting every customer’s privacy is our company dedication.
    2. All the payments made via our website are secure, because of our processing and unit system.
    3. Without any hesitation customers can use their Credit Card risk free of information discloses.
    4. Company will have no responsibility if from customer’s end any information disclosed beyond its control or fault.
    5. When placing the order company can demand every buyer to provide required information, which includes customer identity (name), contact details (if applicable), and valid email address.
    6. When placing the order company can demand every buyer to provide required information, which includes customer identity (name), contact details (if applicable), and valid email address.
    7. Be confident provided information will be fully secure in our system database. This information can only be used for contacting back to the same customer and verification purpose.
    8. Company strictly avoids any sort of direct contact in between writer and customer in any case. Because company embark customer privacy and cannot trust to breach it at any cost.
    9. If client will have any sort of question regarding their work, then our 24/7 support team will answer their queries.
    10. Once the specific order is being placed, and assigned to particular writer. The customer’s attached files and order details get visible to concerned writer for working purpose.
    11. Company will take no obligation if customer deliberately mentioned his/her personal information in details tab or in attachments. These information can include billing information, identity, name, email and contact number.
  2. Order Procedures
    1. It sole customer responsibility to mention/provide valid email address and correct contact details, which will help the company to interact with customer and build communication medium.
    2. In case of any false information provided by any customer, which include (contact number, email address) will consider violation of rules and conditional breach of agreement.
    3. If any customer provides invalid information, this may cause penalty in case of any claim from beneficiary.
    4. To start the process and working on specific task customer has to pay the entire fee in advance to the company.
    5. Company will take no responsibility if any customer failed in advance payment with in time.
    6. Customers can make partial payment for their order as installments after confirmation from company’s live Chat on-duty support agent.
  3. Time Duration
    1. To provide valid, clear and detailed instructions in allocated time is client’s responsibility.
    2. In case of additional instructions from customer, any missing guidelines or un-clear code files may cause delay in completing the order on time.
    3. Company will hold no guaranteed responsibility to deliver the work within given deadline if something (instructions or brief) is missing from customer end.
    4. Upon customer request company can provide draft work for the placed order. So customer will feel satisfied for further working.
    5. Draft request can only be entertained if placed order deadline is more than 48 hours.
    6. If customer is willing to address only his/her stated or requested sources for references, than customer will provide the desired file in PDF format.
    7. Customer must provide detailed instructions while placing the order.
    8. In any condition if customer failed to mention instructions or brief, then it is customer responsibility to provide the detailed instructions within 15% time of the order deadline.
    9. For more clarification suppose in 24 hours deadline customer must provide the details and instructions within 3.6 hours
  4. Order termination
    1. If customer placed an order and due to any reason customer want to cancel the order. Customer has to inform concerned assigned agent of the order regarding cancellation of order.
    2. Cancellation will only be considered valid if customer informs us within 10% of actual order deadline and 20% processing amount will be deducted upon refund.
    3. Let suppose if order deadline is 24 hours, than valid cancellation time period 10% is 2.4 hours.
      1. For 48 hours order deadline, 10% cancellation time is 4.8 hours.
      2. For 3 days order deadline, 10% cancellation time is 7.2 hours.
      3. For 10 days order deadline 10% cancellation time period is 24 hours.
    4. If customer claims after 10% of time of order deadline, then company shall grand no refund for cancellation.
    5. In case after 10% of time passed and customer request for cancellation of order. If refund approved as valid by concerned department then company will refund only 50% of actual paid amount.
    6. If 40% of time has been passed and customer request for cancellation of order, than company is not liable to cancel the order. E.g. for 10 days deadline order 40% cancellation time is 4 days and so on.
    7. In some cases after initial draft receiving, if customer want to cancel the order within 10% of time. Quality department will examine the facts and if approved for refund. Then 20% processing charges and draft work percentage charges will be deducted from the actual paid amount.
    8. In condition where customer placed the order, and if there is requirement of specific lab tests, software use or any other experimental work. Company can cancel the order if the work is beyond the reach. Customer will get 90% refund of actual paid amount, because 10% amount is charged by the payment processing company on each transaction.
    9. In case customer placed the order without confirmation from writing department and the requirements exceeds the limit of the work. Such as calculations etc or unique work in nature and company shall ask for additional amount. This is because technical experts charge differently considered to normal writing work.
    10. If in above case customer denied for additional payment then company will refund the 90% of actual paid amount. Again because 10% on each transaction, is charged by payment processing company.
  5. Unlimited Revisions
    1. For revision customers are guided that, any editing can be done considering initial order instructions and descriptions.
    2. The writer has fee choice to use any available valid source for citation, which is available online on internet.
    3. Conditional references can be used upon customer’s request.
    4. Online source include Articles, Journals, Books, Conference presentations, Newspapers and other valid studies.
    5. In most online libraries company has the approach to acquire the material for citation. For any particular order if customer mention specific journal/book for citation and if it’s not available free on internet, then its customer responsibility to provide the desired book, journal, article or file in stipulated time frame.
    6. To choose the right academic level is customer’s responsibility while placing the order.
    7. If a customer selected inappropriate academic level mistakenly, then customer should inform us on instant basis. So the corrective action can be taken.
    8. Selecting correct academic level help us to assign the work to writer according to the background, and level of education.
    9. If a customer comes back for editing, then company reserve the rights to cross check the facts of submission of the work.
    10. If provided details for editing does not match with initial order instructions. Then additional amount can be impose in order to produce additional work or revisions.
    11. The company shall reserve the right to cancel any particular placed order. This action will apply, when the company found any communication gap or non-cooperative behavior with customer. The decision of recompense will be taken after concerned team analyzes the facts of termination.