Our first priority is satisfaction for our customers. Guarantee embraces dissertation, course work, or assignment writing. Frequently our clients are pleased by using our service and they achieved their best in life. By successive writing skills our probability is at the highest point amongst the others. Therefore below features are proudly guaranteed.

Guaranteed Services
  1. The company strictly follow high quality work practice and passionate to deliver its maximum. For customer satisfaction below points addressed the guarantee terms.
  2. Company provides service of unlimited revisions with in order instructions, if customer is not satisfied with the compiled work. In case of submission deadline passed due to again and again revisions, than company will hold no responsibility for claim.
  3. In case customer did not achieved, passing grades according to selected level, than customer can claim for refund within 14 days. Our quality assurance team will examine the case, and if found validity it will be considered for refund.
    1. Reimbursement percentage will be decided upon final decision of quality assurance team.
    2. In any case if customer failed to provide proof of failure or claimed after the mentioned time. Then company will hold the authority and will not be liable for refund.
  4. If customer found high level plagiarism percentage in compiled work. Customer can inform us about the plagiarism index and also liable to claim for refund.
    1. Claims will not be entertained if customer informs us within 7 days after the deadline of the task.
    2. If the case is considered for refund, than plagiarism report percentage charges and processing charges will be deducted from refund amount.
    3. In case of valid claim, if company found that a customer is eligible for refund. Then company will issue only 70% of the actual amount because implementation of processing charges of order.
  5. If customer claims for refund after company deliver the work within given deadline. Then its pre-understood customer will not be eligible for refund.
    1. In case customer is not satisfied from the work, he/she can come for unlimited revisions. Still if current writer work is not considered by customer, he/she may request to change the writer. Company will change the writer upon valid request.
    2. Company is not liable for refund incase customer gained low grades or result in failure. Although upon request and valid proofs of result, company can re-write the work from scratch for satisfaction of the customer and if concerned writer is not available then some additional charges may apply.
  6. In case of satisfaction and quality of the work customer can claim for refund within 10 days.
    1. If a customer submits the work, and come back for refund after 10 days, then company is not liable to refund the amount percentage.
  7. Unlimited Revision
    1. Company’s core goal is customer satisfaction. We maintain quality of the work up to the mark. Still if there is any error or deviation from the topic found in completed work. Customer can gladly come for unlimited revisions.
    2. Customer must provide concise instructions for revision. These instructions for revision will be considered valid within 20 days of period after completed the work.
    3. In any case, if the ordered task contains more than 5000 words, customer may come for revisions within 40 days of time.
    4. Additionally for more than 5000 words dissertation, thesis, or course work customer are welcome to come for revisions within 60 days.
    5. After revision if customer is not satisfied with the work and request to change the writer. Than it might cost additional amount. Before any additional amount imposed, quality team will check the matter keenly after their approval customer will be informed regarding additional amount (if any).
  8. For paraphrasing, editing, proofreading, and drafting customer can come for revision within 10 days after the completion of order.
  9. In case of multi revisions, if company found misuse of revisions. Than concerned department can limit or abandoned the revisions for the particular task.
    1. This above issue will be considered valid if customer changes the instructions.
    2. Willingly or unwillingly found to take additional benefits. Fulfill additional requirements, which were not mentioned previously while customer placed the order.
  10. Company will entertain only those requirements and instructions for revisions, which customer addressed first time when the order placed. Concerned department hold the right to decline or ask for additional charges in case of additional instructions.
  11. Customer has to provide all the concise and specific instructions for revisions. In case general and vogue instructions, quality team can ask for clarification. In this case if customer claims for refund percentage. The decision reimbursement percentage will be made upon facts.
  12. Full Guarantee to Money-back Refund
    1. Claim for refund due to Plagiarism of services proofreading, formatting will not be entertained. And company shall not lend any refund percentage, because the writing material is not being written by our company’s writers. The company is not liable to pay-back any refund amount to customer in case of proofreading and formatting work is caught by software as Plagiarized.
    2. Full Refund amount will be returned to customer, if company fails to deliver the work within given deadline while placed the order. When customer place the order, the processing company of payments charge 10% of the total amount on each transection, so customer will get the 90% full refund.
    3. Customer can claim for refund through a standardized channel. He/she will send an email to assigned support agent of the order to claim the refund. Then the support member will transfer the case to refund department for further process.
    4. Customer claim for refund will consider valid, if on initially placed order deadline extension is required, and customer is not agreed for additional time. If customer allows extra time apart from initial order deadline, and still company did not delivered the work. Then customer can claim for full refund (90%) to the company.
    5. In case of refund claim customer must respond to email and provide relevant proofs within 3 days of time to refund department. Either customer fails to provide relevant proofs for refund within 10 days of time, or refund department did not received any response on emails within 10 days. The case will be closed automatically on permanent basis as no response from customer end.
  13. The company reserves the right to cancel any irrelevant refund claim after analyzing the facts. Quality assurance department will examine the facts of the refund case. And can also ask customer to provide relevant documents/proofs to investigate the case and proof of valid refund. If customer failed to provide the requested document, like report etc. or valid proof, than company reserve the right to cancel such claim for refund.
  14. Quality department has the right to decide the Refund percentage amount for particular order after analyzing the facts.
  15. In case of validity of claim for refund, and quality assurance department also approve for refund. If any discount is being availed by customer while placed the order, will be deducted. Suppose if a customer placed the order and avail 20% discount. For any reason customer claims for refund and the verdict approves by quality department as valid. Then from the decided refund amount percentage the already given discount percentage will also be deducted. As it was already returned, while customer paid for the order.
  16. Cases of partially paid orders will not be considered for refund. Although in some cases where the word count exceed from 15,000 words can be entertained after the decision of concerned quality department.
  17. On a particular order if company issue refund to customer on basis of refund claim. Customer will have no right to use the completed work personally or to anywhere else. As the document will be considered as company’s property and will be sold out to another third party. Customer is not authorized to use any information from the document once he/she received the agreed refund amount percentage.
  18. Guarantee on Quality
    1. Company is highly passionate to produce high quality work and provide any possible help. Our writers are highly qualified in their prescribed study fields. Even though company do not provide any guarantee on passing or achieving specific grades. As the core purpose of the company is to provide help.
    2. Company will try their best to acquire any possible technique to satisfy the customer. Whether it’s advance use of information, or methods of research.
  19. Company holds 100% responsibility for plagiarism free work. Company takes strict measures to make sure plagiarism free work.